109-10 180th Street,
Jamaica,, NY 11433
United States


The company was founded by Isadore Sussman in 1906. Isadore learned the iron working trade in Poland, moved to England where he learned to make windows and then came to America. He set up his first shop in his living room on the lower East Side of Manhattan. He talked a stained glass studio into letting him make some windows for a church they were working on and that's all he needed. Isadore was a perfectionist and his windows showed it. He developed a reputation for building windows of the highest quality. His work can still be seen in some of New York's most prestigious cathedrals, churches and synagogues.

In the late 40's, Isadore's son, Jack took over the business. Although they had long ago moved out of Isadore's living room, it was still Isadore working with a hammer, anvil and forge and some apprentices making windows. Jack took it a step further. He combined new processes with his Dad's old world techniques. For the first time they advertised. He brought the company from a regional to a national company.

In the 1950’s Jack Sussman changed the industry. He designed aluminum extrusions specifically for stained glass windows. It was a huge investment for a small metal shop but the gamble paid off. He was able to produce a better window for less money. His company became the leading church window manufacturer in the country. His church window designs became the standard of the industry as others tried to copy them.

With the experience they had in bending metal, they started bending as a service to the trade. Seeing the demand for custom windows besides for churches, Jack Sussman started making custom architectural windows.

In the 70's David and Steven Sussman joined the business. They brought it a step further. They developed thermally broken windows and opened up markets in sloped glazing applications such as skylights and green houses. Besides bending architectural systems, they are bending handrails, lighting fixtures, signs, shower doors, furniture and a host of other products for numerous industries. As a result of their metal bending experience, it was a natural for J. Sussman, Inc. to add glass bending to their services.

Today, J. Sussman, Inc. is located in a modern 80,000 square foot building in Jamaica, NY. Our products have been installed in all 50 states and on 5 continents. We're proud of the progress we've made in our products and technology and will use the experience of our first 100 years to meet the challenges of the next. Our capability to manufacture high quality custom architectural products will remain a major theme. We remain committed to our tradition. Isadore would be proud.

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