Health Products Ltd


Health Products Ltd
55 Trebinje, 373 84 Czech Budejovice
United States

We offer the best of equipment to help strengthen the health not only you but also your loved ones.

Become our satisfied customer.Each of the instruments himself trying to be able to give you maximum of objective information and dull "nepapouškovali" the manufacturer's instructions. We do not offer hundreds of products, but we pick only the best - clearly prefer quality over quantity. The quality of the goods we offer to you personally check and remove from the time proven manufacturers and distributors from Europe and the United States. All offers, which we have, we provide on this website. Due to regular updates in inventory in stock, we do not offer the catalog in printed form.

If there is any problem or you need our advice in selecting the device, do not hesitate to contact us anytime - telephone number 775 "Health" (775 937 284) is easy to remember.

603 980 508, 775 937 284
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