Center Carbon Company

Center Carbon Company Center Carbon Company specializes in all types of machined graphite parts, including graphite plates, bushings, jigs, molds, fixtures, bearings, boats, crucibles, discs, sintering trays, heaters, heating elements and graphite parts for many other applications. Center Carbon Company works closely with customers to identify and meet their diverse...

Arrowhead Electric Company

Arrowhead Electric Company Arrowhead Electric Company ( is a privately held California corporation that supplies carbon brushes and electric motor parts for industrial plants, repair shops, and individuals.

Graphite Products Corp

Graphite Products Corp Graphite Products Corp. was established in 1965 and was primarily engaged with machining graphite components for the aerospace industry. As the 20th century progressed, our product mix shifted to new technology requirements in semi-conductor, ceramics, and coated tungsten carbide applications. As we enter the new millennium Graphite Products Corp...

Graphite Electrode Sales Company

Graphite Electrode Sales Company Graphite Electrode Sales Company, Competitive Pricing, Superior Service, Your Source For High Quality Graphite Electrode, Carbon Electrodes, Machineable Graphite Blocks, Rounds, Gouging Rods, Graphite Pipe, Flux Tube and more. Since 1958 GES has been supplying American Industry with graphite electrodes for critical applications. We have scoured...

Cammann Inc

Cammann Inc The world leader in metal disintegrators for removing broken studs, taps, and drills without damage to the internal hole. Disintegration of carbide inserts (compacts) from oil, gas, and water drill bits. Original manufacturer of roll marking machines, for permanent marking of master rolls in the rebar industry. Cammann supplies all types of...

Global Die

Global Die GlobalDie die makers are cutting die specialist. PreSharp Dies, Forged Dies, Milled Dies, are among our typical cutting dies. We also excel in crafting Marker dies, Flatbed Machine dies, RF dies (radio frequency dies), CNC machining and CNC milled dies. Whatever type of die you require can be made by the cutting die craftsman of GlobalDie.

Graphite Engineering & Sales Company

Graphite Engineering & Sales Company Graphite Engineering and Sales Company prides itself in its ranking as one of the top graphite machining operations in the nation specializing in graphite products and services. Customer and employee input, combined with management's commitment to excellence, has enabled us to provide our customers with quality goods,services and delivery that...

Pyrotek Inc

Pyrotek Inc Pyrotek is a leading international company supplying aluminium, foundry, glass, zinc, steel, sound and hearth customers with performance improving technical products, integrated processing systems and consulting services worldwide. Privately owned since 1956, Pyrotek offers industry-leading technical expertise and global resources with 66...

Morgan AM&T

Morgan AM&T Morgan AM&T: Superior technology, world-class expertise. Morgan AM&T is a globally recognized materials technology company with unparalleled expertise in the processing and applications of carbon, graphite, silicon carbide, oxide ceramics and other related materials.

Talbot Associates, Inc

Talbot Associates, Inc Talbot Associates, Inc. Specialists in selecting the optimum method for every need: DIE CASTING, INVESTMENT CASTING, PERMANENT MOLD CASTING, PLASTER MOLD CASTING, CERAMIC MOLD CASTING AND SAND CASTING in all metals & alloys for all industries. . Talbot Associates' main focus was on powder metal bearings; selling throughout the New York...

Non-Metals, Inc.

Non-Metals, Inc. Non-metals, inc was established in 1994, the fast fifteen years, we win good reputation by our qualified products, competitive price and good service. We have been servicing hundreds of customers in USA, Canada,Maexical, Brasil and other Latin America countries