Park Place Corp


Park Place Corp
6801 Augusta Rd
Greenville, SC 29605-5124
United States

Park Place Corp

The year was 1931. The nation was in the depths of the Great Depression. Unemployment was at 25 percent. In the previous two years, 4,720 banks had closed their doors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was hovering in the low 70s and headed for the 40s. In spite of the retrenching going on around him, J. B. Orders, Sr. decided to begin his own business.

"Back in 1931," said J. B. Orders, "times were mighty uncertain. Few people were working regularly. Many people were not eating regularly, and the only thing everybody seemed to be doing with any regularity was sleeping." That's why he entered the mattress business. "I knew no matter what happened, people would continue to sleep, and I felt they would buy good mattresses," he said.

The original building on Fair Street measured 50x100 feet and contained two used pieces of machinery: a sewing machine and a blower for filling the mattresses. With three employees plus himself, J. B. started Orders Mattress Company on November 1, 1931.

The company's foundation was carefully based on hand crafted mattresses, hard work and the personal integrity of J. B. Orders.

"From the beginning, we attempted to make a good product. Even though we faced many obstacles in our early days, we have continued to make superior bedding products. It was my belief, even in those difficult days, that the public was willing to pay for quality. We have never changed in this belief and never for a moment lowered the standards of our bedding," stated Orders.

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