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Chlorine Meter

Chlorine Monitors are used in many applications requiring the measurement of residual chlorine concentration for chlorine monitoring or residual chlorine dosing control.

A residual chlorine analyzer or meter has various applications including:

  • Continuous chlorine monitoring
  • Water treatment plant residual chlorine control
  • Secondary chlorination free chlorine control
  • Distribution monitoring for total residual chlorine
  • Cooling tower chlorine monitoring and control
  • Pasteuriser chlorine dosing control
  • Seawater chlorination control
  • Chlorine in seawater monitor

The membraned amperometric chlorine sensor is enhanced with a third, reference, electrode which eliminates zero drift. pH correction is often not required at all. (NB. These chlorine sensors are often known as polarographic chlorine sensors although this is a misuse of the word polarographic).

The chlorine sensor used by the Residual Total Chlorine Monitors and the Residual Free Chlorine Monitors are both largely pH independent meaning that both chlorine analyzers are bufferless and reagentless. They both utilize amperometric chlorine sensors and both show remarkable sensitivity and stability. For those making a chlorine measurement at high pH (>pH 8.5) on variable pH water it is possible to provide pH compensation from either a pH sensor connected to the chlorine analyser or from an external pH meter.

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