Xsara 2001 5-door


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Citroën’s approach to global safety seeks to avoid accidents and to protect the occupants of the vehicle by means of a reinforced passenger compartment combined with a host of complementary systems and equipment.

Global safety means being able to leave a car on the street or in a car park, knowing that it is well protected against theft.

In compliance with the marque’s traditions, the running gear is designed to provide the Xsara with high performance control, grip and power as well as ensuring the comfort of the vehicle’s occupants through the design of the suspension and the attention given to the damping of axle assemblies.

The result is a coherent, homogenous assembly, tailored to the different powerplants and performing well in all circumstances. The Xsara is immediately identifiable as a car that is easy to drive, efficient and safe.

The new 2001 Citroen Xsara The new Xsara adds to an already very capable chassis variable assistance power steering, 15 inch wheels and tyres, a new wider track front and rear and four wheel disk brakes, further honing the Xsara’s ability to avoid accidents.

The running gear design is unanimously acknowledged as a reference in roadholding behaviour and comfort. The Xsara is equipped with the marque’s self steering rear axle, with the elastic shims adapted to provide improved roadholding/comfort.

The running gear offers a high performance damping system, with a decoupled anti-roll bar at the front for increased efficiency and steering precision as well as variable assistance power steering. All models are fitted with disk brakes, with ABS brakes with electronic brake force distribution standard on the Coupe VTS and an option on other models.

The rear doors of the Xsara are equipped with tell-tale child locks, which are visible from the front seats. These locks are red if the safety system is not activated.

Particular attention was given to night visibility. All Xsara models are equipped with an electric function to adjust headlamp elevation.

Detail - windscreen weather strip A protective strip running the length of each front pillar prevents water from running down the side windows and also reduces wind noise. Side vision is thereby optimised, even in rainy weather.

The button controlling the hazard warning lights is red so that it can be found rapidly in the event of an emergency.

All Citroën Xsara models are equipped with timed indicator to warn that doors are open. This function is active even with the ignition off.

To enhance safety still further, the interior rearview mirror is fitted with a double ball joint for perfect adjustment.

An already robust and safe design, the passive safety features of the Citroën Xsara have been further enhanced by the adoption of the latest state of the art airbags for both front seat occupants. Both bags have been increased in size, from 45 to 60 litres in the case of the driver’s side bag, and they are now ‘smart airbags’ with their level of inflation defined by the force of the accident, which means that they can offer a greater level of protection in a wider range of accidents.

The vehicle structure was the focus of particular attention throughout the development process. The use of high-yield steel, notably in the New Xsara structure doors and substructure, brings a considerable increase in stiffness without making the vehicle heavier.

A cross-member running across the roof and resting on the middle pillars reinforce the structure. This encloses the passenger compartment in a protective hoop.

The hoop protects the vehicle in the event of side impact or rollover. The Xsara is fitted with an energy-absorbing side-impact protection system in the front door panels, a feature that completes vehicle protection. In the event of side impact, the middle pillar and roof cross-member (protective hoop) absorbs much of the energy. The remaining energy is transmitted gently by the absorbers to the pelvis, this being the most resistant part of the human body.

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