Belt-Type & Fluoroelastomer Expansion


Belt-Type & Fluoroelastomer Expansion
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Belt-Type & Fluoroelastomer Expansion

Profit from our extensive knowledge and experience in expansion joints, bellows, bolt heaters and turbine maintenance tooling for power plants.


The Belt Type (Dog Bone) Condenser Expansion Joint is used as flexible connection between low pressure turbines and condensers. It is the most widely used turbine to condenser expansion joint in use. It is designed for full vacuum service and can accommodate movement up to 1" of compression and 1/2" lateral deflection.


Construction is of extra heavy synthetic rubber on inside of joint to protect it and extend joint life and to seal (seat) better on bulb ends. The solid bulb construction is highly flexible when smashed down by the clamps. Four ply nylon reinforcement provides additional tensile strength at 800 PIW. The design is simpler and superior to any other dog bone type joint on the market.

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